About Data Ops

We help teams work smarter with efficient systems and powerful data insights

For over 18 years, DataOps has transformed raw data into meaningful insights for small businesses and non-profits across the United States. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges our clients face when it comes to technology adoption and use. Let us be your in-house experts, so you can stay focused on advancing your goals.

DataOps specializes in comprehensive systems analysis—assessing the requirements, needs and abilities of your organization. Guided by your business objectives, we leverage data assets to provide answers to your organization’s unique challenges—from integrating legacy systems to deploying dynamic reporting. Lastly, we give you actionable guidance, so you can make data-driven decisions to help your organization succeed.

Dr. George Laguna

Vice-President | Co-Owner

As Vice President and Co-Owner of DataOps since 1999, Dr. George Laguna serves as principal software architect and programmer. Backed by nearly 40 years of experience at Sandia National Laboratories, he has led numerous engineering projects and developed innovative solutions to complex problems.

George holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He has programmed in over 10 different computer languages and is an expert in MS Excel and VBA programming.

Catherine Laguna

President | Co-Owner

As President and Co-Owner of DataOps, Catherine Laguna defines the company’s strategic direction and drives the vision behind its products and services.

Catherine earned a Manufacturing and Robotics Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico while working full-time at Sandia National Laboratories. After twelve years at Sandia and two short-term engineering consultancies at Intel, Catherine went to the Robert O. Anderson School of Business for an MBA. While there—in the midst of the Y2K “crisis”—she developed the business plan for what was then called Laguna Business Systems (LBS). The company’s mission was to provide high-quality information and custom reporting solutions to underserved industries.

In March 2002, LBS was renamed DataOps, Inc., with a focus on software products and services. Since 1999, DataOps has been building and supporting information systems for non-profit, tribal and healthcare industries.