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Small organizations, big data needs

Data—and data systems—are essential to your business. Yet for small and medium-size organizations, finding the time and resources to generate meaningful data analysis can be a challenge. That’s where DataOps comes in—providing the analysis, answers and actionable insights your business needs to thrive.


In today’s evolving and highly regulated healthcare landscape, we analyze client life-cycle workflows, billing requirements and more to create functional data systems and EHR customization reports, all with an eye for compliance requirements. Our solutions offer healthcare clients greater quality control and more efficient management, for streamlined, automated operations.

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We help non-profits gather and transform data into meaningful organizational insights, all in support of mission-driven goals. Through specialty systems such as data capture, validation and reporting, our clients are able to improve organizational processes, run targeted fundraising campaigns and consolidate data silos.

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Before we had DataOps, I was always unsure about the reliability of our data when it came to the ANNUAL REPORT. Furthermore, the report would take me a month to do! Time that I should be putting towards my case load. DataOPS' efficiency in workflow and automatic generation of the ANNUAL REPORT has allowed me to put more time towards my clients.Sara Lizak, Program Director, Kawerak, Inc


For our tribal clients, we create data-rich case management systems, on-demand operations reports, as well as required regulatory reports. These tools provide easy access to high-quality information—all while remaining compliant. The results? Our clients have secured multiple grant cycles, acquired millions in funding and addressed tribal government inquiries.

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The JVR Program could not imagine performing our job duties without the incomparable services that DataOps, Inc. provides Rebecca Holland, Program Manager, Jemez VR Program

Federal Grant Programs

Working with grant programs across the country, we create multi-faceted management systems to capture and maintain data insights, inform marketing decisions and prepare grant reporting to satisfy federal requirements. In addition to the high quality and ease-of-use of our reporting and data systems, rest assured they’re fully compliant with federal regulations

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Small Business / Commercial

Data analysis isn’t just for big corporations anymore. And it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overly complex. We provide consulting specialty services and on-demand reporting to help our small business clients save more time, better understand their data—and continue to grow their business with the confidence that comes from data-backed decisions.

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