Credentials and Contract Management System — Will Validate


Will Validate, a company providing healthcare credentialing and contracting services, leveraged DataOps’ technology to offer a streamlined and provider-centric contract management system—reducing administrative burdens so providers and payers could focus on improving the quality of health care services while lowering costs.

To enable greater efficiency—and shorten the length of time between contract submission and acceptance—DataOps built a system to capture, validate and manage provider credentials. Accessible via an easy-to-use online portal, the system:

  • Offered providers a storehouse of payer and industry credentialing standards;
  • Used that intelligence to auto-fill contract applications; • Notified providers of eligibility, documentation and contracting statuses to avoid costly expirations; and
  • Monitored contract application status to completion and final contract, maintaining the provider’s documentation with each payer into the future.

In addition, DataOps created a selector tool for practices, allowing them to easily match contracted providers to patients according to their needs, as well as an inbound application validation system for payers.

Through these systems and tools, DataOps created a big-data, high-tech solution to managing the maze of information collected and distributed throughout the credentialing and contracting process. Simplifying workflows for both providers and payers, more resources could be devoted to delivering quality patient care—enabling a more effective and efficient healthcare system.