Custom Electronic Health Record System


Nearly a decade before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), electronic health record (EHR) and billing systems required costly infrastructure and software maintenance contracts which forced many smaller health organizations to perform their client scheduling, services, billing and payments on paper. A medium-sized personal and family counseling agency asked DataOps to create an electronic health records, scheduling and billing systems to manage its front and back offices needs.  In addition, the agency provided Employee Assistance(EAP) program under contract with multiple employers in the state that required quarterly custom utilization billing. DataOps designed, built and deployed a data system coupled with an ETL design that properly managed data to produce insurance filings (HCFA-1500), custom template-based client statements and performed mail-ready EAP utilization reporting. When the ACA forced the replacement of the system, DataOps architected the EAP data requirements into the and built the EAP utilization report from the new EHR’s API.