Software Evaluation and Delivery — Real Estate Agency


A real estate and property management company—overwhelmed by the number of technology tools available to the real estate industry—asked DataOps to recommend a streamlined and efficient set of software tools to achieve their business goals.

Providing a comprehensive business process evaluation and technology adoption review, DataOps first assessed the company’s current systems, needs, wants, resources and abilities; surveyed the industry landscape as a whole; and modeled the business’s complete client lifecycle. Building on this foundation, DataOps evaluated all relevant software tools in the marketplace, and found a solution that allowed the company to work more efficiently, attain a larger market presence, and scale more quickly—all within their desired budget.

Through DataOps’ recommendation, the company gained the ability to: better coordinate communications with agents and customers; enact more automated (yet still compliant) transactions; maintain regular contact with clients throughout their entire lifecycle; as well as generate more, valuable leads and manage them seamlessly. Combined, these enhanced capabilities added up to better customer relationship and staff management—allowing the business to grow in revenue and market share with minimal effort and maximum potential for conversion.